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strong american indian boy names

13:54 14/05/2020

strong american indian boy names: native american letters of alphabet or you can view the list of great native american indian names, native american names for boys

strong american indian boy names

Native American name is basically drawn from nature. However, Native American Baby name can also describe or choose as a nickname, such as a black eyes. Native American names can also be based on gender and place of birth of the baby. A baby name will change with age, a person can have many names during his lifetime.

native american names meanings and pronunciations

Native Americans often selected names to mark important events in their lives and can change with new achievements, experience life and achievements. The name also includes totem animal. Native American names often have “very personal and spiritual meaning” that they would never be used as address or usual familiar.

native american letters of alphabet

baby boy names that start with a

AbooksigunWildcat (Algonquin)
AbukcheechMouse (Algonquin)
AchakSpirit (Algonquin)
AdahyLives in the woods (Cherokee)
AhanuHe laughs (Algonquin)
AhigaHe fights (Navajo)
AhoteRestless one (Hopi)
AhtunowhihoOne who lives below (Cheyenne)
AkechetaFighter (Sioux)
AkuleLooks up
AloSpiritual guide (Hopi)
AnakausuenWorker (Algonquin)
ApenimonWorthy of trust
AponiviWhere the wind blows down the gap (Hopi)
AranckStars (Algonquin)
AshkiiBoy (Navajo)
AskookSnake (Algonquin)
AskuwheteauHe keeps watch (Algonquin)
Ata’halne’He interrupts (Navajo)
AvonacoLean bear (Cheyenne)
AyawamatOne who follows orders (Hopi)

indian name starting with b for boy

strong american indian boy names

BidziilHe is strong (Navajo)
BilagaanaWhite person (Navajo)
BodawayFire maker

names for baby boy start with letter c

Cha’akmongwiCrier chief (Hopi)
Cha’timaThe caller (Hopi)
ChankoowashtayGood road (Sioux)
ChansompsLocust (Algonquin)
Chas chunk aWave (Winnebago)
ChavatangakwunuaShort rainbow (Hopi)
ChaytonFalcon (Sioux)
CherokeePeople of a different speech. One of the largest American Indian tribes.
CheveyoSpirit warrior (Hopi)
ChochmoMud mound (Hopi)
ChochokpiThrone for the clouds (Hopi)
ChochuschuvioWhite tailed deer (Hopi)
ChoganBlackbird (Algonquin)
ChoovioAntelope (Hopi)
ChoviohoyaYoung deer (Hopi)
ChowilawuJoined together by water (Hopi)
Chu’aSnake (Hopi)
ChuchipDeer spirit (Hopi)
ChuntaCheating (Hopi)
CiqalaLittle one (Dakota)
CochiseRenowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.

indian baby boy name starting letter d

DakotaFriend: ally. Tribal name.
DakotahFriend: ally. Tribal name.
DelsinHe is so
DemothiTalks while walking
DichaliSpeaks a lot

names in letter l indian baby boy

ElsuFlying falcon
EluwilussitHoly one (Algonquin)
EnapayBrave (Sioux)
EnkoodabaooOne who lives alone (Algonquin)
EnkoodabooaooOne who lives alone (Algonquin)
EnyetoWalks as a bear
EtcheminCanoe man (Algonquin)
EtlelooaatShouts (Algonquin)

indian baby boy names letter g

GaagiiRaven (Navajo)
GadJuniper tree (Navajo)

indian baby boy names starting with h

HahkethomemahLittle robe (Cheyenne)
HaniaSpirit warrior (Hopi)
HarkahomeLittle robe (Cheyenne)
HassunStone (Algonquin)
HastiinMan (Navajo)
HawioviGoing down the ladder (Hopi)
He lush kaFighter (Winnebago)
HeammawihioWise one above (Cheyenne)
HekliTouch (Miwok)
HelakuFull of sun

strong american indian boy names

HeskovizenakoPorcupine bear (Cheyenne)
HesutuYellow jacket’s nest rising out of the ground (Miwok)
HevataneoHairyrope (Cheyenne)
HevovitastamiutstoWhirlwind (Cheyenne)
HiamoviHigh chief (Cheyenne)
HintoBlue (Dakota)
HohnihohkaiyohosHigh backed wolf (Cheyenne)
Hok’eeAbandoned (Navajo)
HonaniBadger (Hopi)
HonawBear (Hopi)
HoniahakaLittle wolf (Cheyenne)
HononBear (Miwok)
HotahWhite (Sioux)
HototoWarrior spirit who sings (Hopi)
HotuaekhaashtaitTall bull (Cheyenne)
HowahkanOf the mysterious voice (Sioux)
HowiTurtle dove (Miwok)
HurittHandsome (Algonquin)

baby names starting with i and j

InazinStanding Elk (Stands Sacred)
InteusHas no shame
IstaqaCoyote man (Hopi)
JolonValley of the dead oaks

unique baby boy names that start with the letter k

KachadaWhite man (Hopi)
KajikaWalks without sound
KangeeRaven (Sioux)
KeleSparrow (Hopi)
KemeSecret Pajackok – thunder (Algonquin)
KesegowaaseSwift (Algonquin)
KestejooSlave (Algonquin)
KitchiBrave (Algonquin)
KohanaSwift (Sioux)
KohkahycumestWhite crow or white antelope (Cheyenne)
KolichiyawSkunk (Hopi)
KosumiFishes for salmon with spear (Miwok)
KotoriScreech owl spirit (Hopi)
KuckunniwiLittle wolf (Cheyenne)
KurukBear (Pawnee)
KwahuEagle (Hopi)
KwatokoBird with big beak (Hopi)

baby boy name starting with letter l

LansaLance (Hopi)
LapuCedar bark (Hopi)
LenFlute (Hopi)
LeytiShaped like an abalone shell (Miwok)
LiseSalmon’s head rising above water (Miwok)
LiwanuGrowl of a bear (Miwok)
LokniRain falls through the roof (Miwok)
LootahRed (Sioux)

names starting with letter m for baby boy

strong american indian boy names

MachakwHorny toad (Hopi)
MachkBear (Algonquin)
MahkahEarth (Sioux)
MahpeeSky (Sioux)
MakkapitewHe has large teeth (Algonquin)
MakyaEagle hunter (Hopi)
MantotohpaFour bears (Cheyenne)
MasichuvioGray deer (Hopi)
MatchitehewHe has an evil heart (Algonquin)
MatchitisiwHe has bad character (Algonquin)
MatoskahWhite bear (Sioux)
MatunaagdFights (Algonquin)
MatwauEnemy (Algonquin)
Maza blaskaFlat iron (Dakota)
MegedagikKills many (Algonquin)
MekledoodumConceited (Algonquin)
MeturatoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MinganGray wolf
MinninnewahWhirlwind (Cheyenne)
MisuRippling brook (Miwok)
MochniTalking bird (Hopi)
MojagNever silent
MokatavatahBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MoketavatoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MoketavetoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MoketovetoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MokiDeer (Hopi)
MokovaotoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MolimoBear walking into shade (Miwok)
MonaGathers jimson weed seed (Miwok)
MongwauOwl (Hopi)
MotavatoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MotegaNew arrow
MuataYellow jackets inside a nest (Miwok)
MukkiChild (Algonquin)
MuracoWhite moon


NaalnishHe works (Navajo)
Naalyehe ya sidahiTrader (Navajo)
NahcomenceOldbark antelope (Cheyenne)
NahiossiHas three fingers (Cheyenne)
NapayshniStrong or courageous (Sioux)
NastasCurve like foxtail grass (Navajo)
NawatLeft handed
NawkawWood (Winnebago)
NayatiHe who wrestles
NeeheeoeewootisHigh backed wolf (Cheyenne)
NekaWild goose
NiichaadSwollen (Navajo)
NikitiRound or smooth
NixkamichGrandfather (Algonquin)
NiyolWind (Navajo)
NootauFire (Algonquin)
NoshFather (Algonquin)
NoshiFather (Algonquin)
NukpanaEvil (Hopi)

baby boy names starting with o

OcumwhowurstYellow wolf (Cheyenne)
OcunnowhurstYellow wolf (Cheyenne)
OdakotaFriend (Sioux)
OgaleeshaWears a red shirt (Sioux)
OhanzeeShadow (Sioux)
OhcumgacheLittle wolf (Cheyenne)

strong american indian boy names

OhitekahBrave (Sioux)
OkhmhakaLittle wolf (Cheyenne)
OmawnakwCloud feather (Hopi)
OtaktayKills many (Sioux)
OtoahhastisTall bull (Cheyenne)
OtoahnactoBull bear (Cheyenne)

boy names starting with p indian

Pachu’aFeathered water snake (Hopi)
PahanaLost white brother (Hopi)
PannoowauHe lies (Algonquin)
PayHe is coming
PayatHe is coming
PayattHe is coming
PaytahFire (Sioux)
PiMneWeasel (Hopi)
PowwawPriest (Algonquin)

boy names starting with q and r


QaletaqaGuardian of the people (Hopi)
QochataWhite man (Hopi)
RowtagFire (Algonquin)

list of baby boy names starting with letter s

SaniThe old one (Navajo)
SegenamLazy (Algonquin)
SewatiCurved bear claw (Miwok)
ShilahBrother (Navajo)
ShirikiCoyote (Pawnee)
ShiyeSon (Navajo)
Shizhe’eFather (Navajo)
ShoemowetochawcaweHigh backed wolf (Cheyenne)
SicheiiGrandfather (Navajo)
Sik’isFriend (Navajo)
SikeHe sits at home (Navajo)
SikyahonawYellow bear (Hopi)
SikyatavoYellow rabbit (Hopi)
SiwiliTail of the fox
SkahWhite (Sioux)
Sowi’ngwaBlack – tailed deer (Hopi)
SuckiBlack (Algonquin)
SunukkuhkauHe crushes (Algonquin)


strong american indian boy names

T’iisCottonwood (Navajo)
TahkeomeLittle robe (Cheyenne)
TahmelapachmeDull knife (Cheyenne)
TakodaFriend to everyone (Sioux)
TangakwunuRainbow (Hopi)
TasunkeHorse (Dakota)
Tatanka ptecilaShort bull (Dakota)
TateHe who talks too much
TeetonkaTalks too much (Sioux)
TelutciBear making dust (Miwok)
TihkoosueShort (Algonquin)
TochoMountain lion (Hopi)
TogquosTwin (Algonquin)
TohopkaWild beast (Hopi)
TokalaFox (Dakota)
TooantuhSpring frog (Cherokee)
TseRock (Navajo)
Tsiishch’iliCurly haired (Navajo)
Ts~eganCrane (Algonquin)
TuketuBear making dust (Miwok)
TupiTo pull up (Miwok)


UzumatiBear (Miwok)
Vaive atoishAlights on the cloud (Cheyenne)
VaiveahtoishAlights on the cloud (Cheyenne)
VihoChief (Cheyenne)
VipponahSlim face (Cheyenne)
VohkinneRoman nose (Cheyenne)
VoistitoevitzWhite cow (Cheyenne)
VoisttitoevetzWhite cow (Cheyenne)
VokivocummastWhite antelope (Cheyenne)

boy names that start with letter w

WahanassattaHe who walks with his toes turned outward (Cheyenne)
WahchinksapaWise (Sioux)
WahchintonkaHas much Practice (Sioux)
WahkanSacred (Sioux)
WakizaDesperate warrior
WambleeEagle (Sioux)
WambleeshaWhite eagle (Sioux)
Wambli wasteGood eagle (Dakota)
WanageeskaWhite spirit (Sioux)
WanahtonCharger (Sioux)
WanikiySavior (Sioux)
WaquiniHook nose (Cheyenne)
WeayayaSetting sun (Sioux)
WematinBrother (Algonquin)
WemilatOf wealthy parents
WicasaSage (Dakota)
WikvayaOne who brings (Hopi)
WohehivDull knife (Cheyenne)
WokaihwokomasWhite antelope (Cheyenne)
WuyiSoaring turkey vulture (Miwok)
WynonoFirst born

indian baby boy name starting with letter y

strong american indian boy names

YahtoBlue (Sioux)
YanisinAshamed (Navajo)
YasSnow (Navajo)
YiskaThe night has passed (Navajo)
YumaChiefs son

great native american indian names

California Indian site education “Top Ten” Indian growth is not so much on the list of top 10 chiefs of all time (which forever will be controversial), but our Indian guide is about starting a learning resource to familiarize students with some of the leaders of important native American and most influential in history was recorded.
  • Geronimo
    Apache | 1829-1909
  • Chief Joseph
    Nez Percé | 1840-1904
  • Benito Juarez
    Zapoteca | 1806-1872
  • Cinon Mataweer
    Kumeyaay | 1800s
  • Tecumseh
    Shawnee | 1768-1813
  • Adam Castillo
    Cahuilla | 1885–1953
  • Chief Hatam
    Kumeyaay | c. 1805-1874
  • Charles Curtis
    Kaw | 1860-1936
  • Captain Jack
    Modoc | 1837-1873
  • Crazy Horse
    Lakota | c. 1845-1877
  • Russell Means
    Oglala Lakota | 1939-2012
  • American Horse
    Sioux | c. 1800-1876
  • Anna Prieto-Sandoval
    Kumeyaay | 1934-2010
  • Chief Dan George
    Tsleil-Waututh | 1899-1981
  • Richard Milanovich
    Cahuilla | 1942-2012
  • Mangas Coloradas
    Apache | c. 1793-1863

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