strong american indian boy names: native american letters of alphabet or you can view the list of great native american indian names, native american names for boys

strong american indian boy names

Native American name is basically drawn from nature. However, Native American Baby name can also describe or choose as a nickname, such as a black eyes. Native American names can also be based on gender and place of birth of the baby. A baby name will change with age, a person can have many names during his lifetime.

strong american indian boy names

native american names meanings and pronunciations

Native Americans often selected names to mark important events in their lives and can change with new achievements, experience life and achievements. The name also includes totem animal. Native American names often have “very personal and spiritual meaning” that they would never be used as address or usual familiar.

native american letters of alphabet

baby boy names that start with a

Abooksigun Wildcat (Algonquin)
Abukcheech Mouse (Algonquin)
Achak Spirit (Algonquin)
Adahy Lives in the woods (Cherokee)
Ahanu He laughs (Algonquin)
Ahiga He fights (Navajo)
Ahmik Beaver
Ahote Restless one (Hopi)
Ahtunowhiho One who lives below (Cheyenne)
Akando Ambush
Akecheta Fighter (Sioux)
Akule Looks up
Alo Spiritual guide (Hopi)
Anakausuen Worker (Algonquin)
Anoki Actor
Apenimon Worthy of trust
Aponivi Where the wind blows down the gap (Hopi)
Aranck Stars (Algonquin)
Ashkii Boy (Navajo)
Askook Snake (Algonquin)
Askuwheteau He keeps watch (Algonquin)
Ata’halne’ He interrupts (Navajo)
Avonaco Lean bear (Cheyenne)
Awan Somebody
Ayawamat One who follows orders (Hopi)

indian name starting with b for boy

strong american indian boy names

Bemossed Walker
Bidziil He is strong (Navajo)
Bilagaana White person (Navajo)
Bimisi Slippery
Bodaway Fire maker

names for baby boy start with letter c

Cha’akmongwi Crier chief (Hopi)
Cha’tima The caller (Hopi)
Chankoowashtay Good road (Sioux)
Chansomps Locust (Algonquin)
Chas chunk a Wave (Winnebago)
Chavatangakwunua Short rainbow (Hopi)
Chayton Falcon (Sioux)
Cherokee People of a different speech. One of the largest American Indian tribes.
Chesmu Witty
Cheveyo Spirit warrior (Hopi)
Chochmo Mud mound (Hopi)
Chochokpi Throne for the clouds (Hopi)
Chochuschuvio White tailed deer (Hopi)
Chogan Blackbird (Algonquin)
Choovio Antelope (Hopi)
Choviohoya Young deer (Hopi)
Chowilawu Joined together by water (Hopi)
Chu’a Snake (Hopi)
Chuchip Deer spirit (Hopi)
Chunta Cheating (Hopi)
Ciqala Little one (Dakota)
Cochise Renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.

indian baby boy name starting letter d

Dakota Friend: ally. Tribal name.
Dakotah Friend: ally. Tribal name.
Delsin He is so
Demothi Talks while walking
Dichali Speaks a lot
Dohosan Bluff
Dyami Eagle

names in letter l indian baby boy

Elan Friendly
Elsu Flying falcon
Eluwilussit Holy one (Algonquin)
Enapay Brave (Sioux)
Enkoodabaoo One who lives alone (Algonquin)
Enkoodabooaoo One who lives alone (Algonquin)
Enyeto Walks as a bear
Etchemin Canoe man (Algonquin)
Etlelooaat Shouts (Algonquin)
Etu Sun
Ezhno Solitary

indian baby boy names letter g

Gaagii Raven (Navajo)
Gad Juniper tree (Navajo)
Gosheven Leaper
Guyapi Frank

indian baby boy names starting with h

Hahkethomemah Little robe (Cheyenne)
Hahnee Beggar
Hakan Fire
Hania Spirit warrior (Hopi)
Harkahome Little robe (Cheyenne)
Hassun Stone (Algonquin)
Hastiin Man (Navajo)
Hawiovi Going down the ladder (Hopi)
He lush ka Fighter (Winnebago)
Heammawihio Wise one above (Cheyenne)
Hekli Touch (Miwok)
Helaku Full of sun

strong american indian boy names

Heskovizenako Porcupine bear (Cheyenne)
Hesutu Yellow jacket’s nest rising out of the ground (Miwok)
Hevataneo Hairyrope (Cheyenne)
Hevovitastamiutsto Whirlwind (Cheyenne)
Hiamovi High chief (Cheyenne)
Hinto Blue (Dakota)
Hohnihohkaiyohos High backed wolf (Cheyenne)
Hok’ee Abandoned (Navajo)
Honani Badger (Hopi)
Honaw Bear (Hopi)
Honiahaka Little wolf (Cheyenne)
Honon Bear (Miwok)
Honovi Strong
Hotah White (Sioux)
Hototo Warrior spirit who sings (Hopi)
Hotuaekhaashtait Tall bull (Cheyenne)
Howahkan Of the mysterious voice (Sioux)
Howi Turtle dove (Miwok)
Huritt Handsome (Algonquin)

baby names starting with i and j

Igasho Wanders
Illanipi Amazing
Inazin Standing Elk (Stands Sacred)
Inteus Has no shame
Istaqa Coyote man (Hopi)
Istu Sugar
Iye Smoke
Jacy Moon
Jolon Valley of the dead oaks

unique baby boy names that start with the letter k

Kachada White man (Hopi)
Kaga Chronicler
Kajika Walks without sound
Kangee Raven (Sioux)
Kele Sparrow (Hopi)
Keme Secret Pajackok – thunder (Algonquin)
Kesegowaase Swift (Algonquin)
Kestejoo Slave (Algonquin)
Kitchi Brave (Algonquin)
Knoton Wind
Kohana Swift (Sioux)
Kohkahycumest White crow or white antelope (Cheyenne)
Kolichiyaw Skunk (Hopi)
Kosumi Fishes for salmon with spear (Miwok)
Kotori Screech owl spirit (Hopi)
Kuckunniwi Little wolf (Cheyenne)
Kuruk Bear (Pawnee)
Kwahu Eagle (Hopi)
Kwatoko Bird with big beak (Hopi)

baby boy name starting with letter l

Langundo Peaceful
Lansa Lance (Hopi)
Lapu Cedar bark (Hopi)
Len Flute (Hopi)
Lenno Man
Leyti Shaped like an abalone shell (Miwok)
Lise Salmon’s head rising above water (Miwok)
Liwanu Growl of a bear (Miwok)
Lokni Rain falls through the roof (Miwok)
Lonato Flint
Lootah Red (Sioux)

names starting with letter m for baby boy

strong american indian boy names

Machakw Horny toad (Hopi)
Machk Bear (Algonquin)
Mahkah Earth (Sioux)
Mahpee Sky (Sioux)
Makkapitew He has large teeth (Algonquin)
Makya Eagle hunter (Hopi)
Mantotohpa Four bears (Cheyenne)
Masichuvio Gray deer (Hopi)
Maska Strong
Matchitehew He has an evil heart (Algonquin)
Matchitisiw He has bad character (Algonquin)
Matoskah White bear (Sioux)
Matunaagd Fights (Algonquin)
Matwau Enemy (Algonquin)
Maza blaska Flat iron (Dakota)
Megedagik Kills many (Algonquin)
Mekledoodum Conceited (Algonquin)
Meturato Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Milap Charitable
Mingan Gray wolf
Minninnewah Whirlwind (Cheyenne)
Misu Rippling brook (Miwok)
Mochni Talking bird (Hopi)
Mojag Never silent
Mokatavatah Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Moketavato Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Moketaveto Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Moketoveto Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Moki Deer (Hopi)
Mokovaoto Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Molimo Bear walking into shade (Miwok)
Mona Gathers jimson weed seed (Miwok)
Mongwau Owl (Hopi)
Motavato Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Motega New arrow
Muata Yellow jackets inside a nest (Miwok)
Mukki Child (Algonquin)
Muraco White moon


Naalnish He works (Navajo)
Naalyehe ya sidahi Trader (Navajo)
Nahcomence Oldbark antelope (Cheyenne)
Nahele Forest
Nahiossi Has three fingers (Cheyenne)
Napayshni Strong or courageous (Sioux)
Nastas Curve like foxtail grass (Navajo)
Nawat Left handed
Nawkaw Wood (Winnebago)
Nayati He who wrestles
Neeheeoeewootis High backed wolf (Cheyenne)
Neka Wild goose
Nigan Ahead
Niichaad Swollen (Navajo)
Nikiti Round or smooth
Nitis Friend
Nixkamich Grandfather (Algonquin)
Niyol Wind (Navajo)
Nodin Wind
Nootau Fire (Algonquin)
Nosh Father (Algonquin)
Noshi Father (Algonquin)
Nukpana Evil (Hopi)

baby boy names starting with o

Ocumwhowurst Yellow wolf (Cheyenne)
Ocunnowhurst Yellow wolf (Cheyenne)
Odakota Friend (Sioux)
Ogaleesha Wears a red shirt (Sioux)
Ohanko Reckless
Ohanzee Shadow (Sioux)
Ohcumgache Little wolf (Cheyenne)

strong american indian boy names

Ohitekah Brave (Sioux)
Okhmhaka Little wolf (Cheyenne)
Omawnakw Cloud feather (Hopi)
Otaktay Kills many (Sioux)
Otoahhastis Tall bull (Cheyenne)
Otoahnacto Bull bear (Cheyenne)
Ouray Arrow

boy names starting with p indian

Pachu’a Feathered water snake (Hopi)
Paco Eagle
Pahana Lost white brother (Hopi)
Pallatin Fighter.
Pallaton Warrior
Pannoowau He lies (Algonquin)
Pat Fish
Patamon Tempest
Patwin Man
Pay He is coming
Payat He is coming
Payatt He is coming
Paytah Fire (Sioux)
PiMne Weasel (Hopi)
Powwaw Priest (Algonquin)

boy names starting with q and r


Qaletaqa Guardian of the people (Hopi)
Qochata White man (Hopi)
Rowtag Fire (Algonquin)

list of baby boy names starting with letter s

Sahale Falcon
Sakima King
Sani The old one (Navajo)
Segenam Lazy (Algonquin)
Sewati Curved bear claw (Miwok)
Shilah Brother (Navajo)
Shiriki Coyote (Pawnee)
Shiye Son (Navajo)
Shizhe’e Father (Navajo)
Shoemowetochawcawe High backed wolf (Cheyenne)
Sicheii Grandfather (Navajo)
Sik’is Friend (Navajo)
Sike He sits at home (Navajo)
Sikyahonaw Yellow bear (Hopi)
Sikyatavo Yellow rabbit (Hopi)
Siwili Tail of the fox
Skah White (Sioux)
Songaa Strong
Sowi’ngwa Black – tailed deer (Hopi)
Sucki Black (Algonquin)
Sunukkuhkau He crushes (Algonquin)


strong american indian boy names

T’iis Cottonwood (Navajo)
Tahkeome Little robe (Cheyenne)
Tahmelapachme Dull knife (Cheyenne)
Taima Thunder
Takoda Friend to everyone (Sioux)
Tangakwunu Rainbow (Hopi)
Tasunke Horse (Dakota)
Tatanka ptecila Short bull (Dakota)
Tate He who talks too much
Teetonka Talks too much (Sioux)
Telutci Bear making dust (Miwok)
Tihkoosue Short (Algonquin)
Tocho Mountain lion (Hopi)
Togquos Twin (Algonquin)
Tohopka Wild beast (Hopi)
Tokala Fox (Dakota)
Tooantuh Spring frog (Cherokee)
Tse Rock (Navajo)
Tsiishch’ili Curly haired (Navajo)
Ts~egan Crane (Algonquin)
Tuketu Bear making dust (Miwok)
Tupi To pull up (Miwok)


Uzumati Bear (Miwok)
Vaive atoish Alights on the cloud (Cheyenne)
Vaiveahtoish Alights on the cloud (Cheyenne)
Viho Chief (Cheyenne)
Vipponah Slim face (Cheyenne)
Vohkinne Roman nose (Cheyenne)
Voistitoevitz White cow (Cheyenne)
Voisttitoevetz White cow (Cheyenne)
Vokivocummast White antelope (Cheyenne)

boy names that start with letter w

Wahanassatta He who walks with his toes turned outward (Cheyenne)
Wahchinksapa Wise (Sioux)
Wahchintonka Has much Practice (Sioux)
Wahkan Sacred (Sioux)
Wakiza Desperate warrior
Wamblee Eagle (Sioux)
Wambleesha White eagle (Sioux)
Wambli waste Good eagle (Dakota)
Wanageeska White spirit (Sioux)
Wanahton Charger (Sioux)
Wanikiy Savior (Sioux)
Wapi Lucky
Waquini Hook nose (Cheyenne)
Weayaya Setting sun (Sioux)
Wematin Brother (Algonquin)
Wemilat Of wealthy parents
Wicasa Sage (Dakota)
Wikvaya One who brings (Hopi)
Wohehiv Dull knife (Cheyenne)
Wokaihwokomas White antelope (Cheyenne)
Wuyi Soaring turkey vulture (Miwok)
Wynono First born

indian baby boy name starting with letter y

strong american indian boy names

Yahto Blue (Sioux)
Yancy Englishman
Yanisin Ashamed (Navajo)
Yas Snow (Navajo)
Yiska The night has passed (Navajo)
Yuma Chiefs son

great native american indian names

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  • Chief Joseph
    Nez Percé | 1840-1904
  • Benito Juarez
    Zapoteca | 1806-1872
  • Cinon Mataweer
    Kumeyaay | 1800s
  • Tecumseh
    Shawnee | 1768-1813
  • Adam Castillo
    Cahuilla | 1885–1953
  • Chief Hatam
    Kumeyaay | c. 1805-1874
  • Charles Curtis
    Kaw | 1860-1936
  • Captain Jack
    Modoc | 1837-1873
  • Crazy Horse
    Lakota | c. 1845-1877
  • Russell Means
    Oglala Lakota | 1939-2012
  • American Horse
    Sioux | c. 1800-1876
  • Anna Prieto-Sandoval
    Kumeyaay | 1934-2010
  • Chief Dan George
    Tsleil-Waututh | 1899-1981
  • Richard Milanovich
    Cahuilla | 1942-2012
  • Mangas Coloradas
    Apache | c. 1793-1863